Epic Soccer Training Program Review

Epic Soccer Training ProgramEpic Soccer Training program is an online soccer course developed by Matt Smith – an All-American former professional soccer player. It is developed with the objective to help soccer players quickly improve their skills (dribbling, shooting, passing, conditioning, mentality, tactics, etc) to become a game-changing player.

Matt also reveals the secrets on why most soccer players train very hard everyday but did not manage to improve their game.

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Epic Soccer Training program operates in a membership-site model. You will be given access to a vast repository of training materials, which includes large number of short videos of Matt explaining and demonstrating each move.

Focuses a lot on “touches”, which are very important for your soccer skills development.


Epic Soccer Training program is broken down to 3 main modules: The Rock, The Cup, The Factory.


The Rock

Helps you develop a solid foundation in the games before moving onto more advanced soccer skills. It focuses a lot on “touches”, which are very important for your soccer skills development.

Also, there are drills that help to mentally prepare you to train and become a better soccer player. These preparation tactics are said to be gathered from some of the most incredible coaches throughout Matt Smith’s career. Some of the drills include:

  • Warm up and stretch to avoid injuryEpic Soccer Training Program | Soccer Shooting Drills
  • Ball drills to improve top and side touches
  • Ball “pulling basics”
  • Pulling the “V”
  • Basic juggling
  • Dribbling fundamental
  • Dynamic Cone drills
  • Epic moves

Soccer is 10% physical and 90% mental


The Cup

Epic Soccer Training Program | Soccer Passing DrillsMore advanced soccer skills that are built on top of the foundation that the user learnt in Module 1. It’s the beginning of the Soccer I.Q. training. The best players in the world say soccer is 10% physical and 90% mental and that’s what this module starts to train you on. Knowing where to be, what to do with the ball, and how the flow of play works, can make you look like a seasoned pro.

Dazzle, wrong-foot, and at times embarrass your opponent when mastered correctly


The Factory

This module contains the ultimate soccer drills that combined what you have learned in the previous two modules, towards becoming the best player on the field in every game. With the trainings in this module you will be able to dazzle, wrong-foot, and at times embarrass your opponent when mastered correctly.
It also goes into the training of defensive and offensive mindset, as well as more in-depth Soccer I.Q. training.


In addition to these training modules, Epic Soccer Training program includes a workbook specially prepared by Matt, to handhold you in a full 4-week training schedule to get the best result out of the program.


However, that’s not all. We realized that there are FREE bonuses that come along when you purchase the Epic Soccer Training program.

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  • Prepared by former professional soccer player
  • Most cost-effective soccer training program
  • Noticeable improvement in a very short time
  • Well-organized modules and schedule for ease of learning
  • No-question-ask money back guarantee


  • You need to have self-discipline in following the program
  • You need to empty your cup and learn from the basic
  • You are not able to download the videos (to prevent people from abusing the warranty)

Bottom Line

This is by far one of the best soccer training program we have come across. The quality of the videos is good and Matt Smith explains all the soccer drills every step of the way. The modules are very comprehensive while it maintains a very competitive price. We definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone.

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