Soccer Dribbling Drills

Ever watched a soccer player dribble that ball in a manner that makes you want to get on those boots and have a taste of dribbling? Well, wonder no more because this soccer dribbling art only needs you to master and sharpen a few skills in soccer dribbling drills that highly depend on your passion and effort.

The end results of these soccer dribbling drills – being able to intercept and maneuver the ball through the defensive side of the opponent in order to create chances of scoring. There are certain key steps that coaches employ when training upcoming soccer players during a soccer dribbling drills session.


Inside And Outside A Circle

Inside and outside of a circle is one such technique that an upcoming player gets introduced to in order to kick-start soccer dribbling skills that are much needed in this particular game. However, there are certain sporting equipment that are required to employ this technique. Let us now go through the soccer dribbling drills itself.

Players should form a circle around a circular marked region and place four cones at the center of the circle to form a square such that one player dribbles the ball towards the center of the square and immediately changes direction and dribbles forward to a different player who comes forward to get the ball and dribbles to the center of the square and changes direction towards yet a different player. This trend continues until all the players steadily and in a rising tempo dribble the ball to the center box.

Soccer Dribbling Drills - Inside And Outside A Circle


To perfect this two or more balls should be introduced so that the number of dribbling players increases within a given time. The player should use the most comfortable part of the left or right boot and the ball should not be far away from the foot. Communication (see Soccer Drills overview) is key to perfect soccer dribbling and this entails having your head up while dribbling and ensuring that you have the required confidence. The player should be the best friend of the ball during dribbling drills.



In this soccer dribbling drills, players should split into two groups facing each other with the cones placed in a square shape. The sides of this square should be twenty five meters apart. A player dribbles the ball from one corner of the square to the next corner and passes the ball to a player in the other group who dribbles to the other corner and passes to the other group. These two groups can dribble continuously.

Soccer Dribbling Drills - Rhomboid


Beat Defense And Shoot

Introducing mannequins is another technique that helps in improving dribbling skills. For this series of soccer dribbling drills, place two or three mannequins in one straight line Place two goals on either side of the training pitch approximately fifty meters from one goal post to the other. Place six cones side by side on a straight line with one cone adjacent to the other and allow a distance between the cones so that a player dribbles between the cones and towards the mannequins and shoots towards the goal post.


Final Man Out

Final man out is yet another soccer dribbling drills where every player gets inside a circular marked area and dribbles the ball between the cones that are placed such that they form a square at the center of the circle. Each player should be able to have the ball under control while ensuring that they can tackle the other player who is also dribbling a ball and ensure that they kick the opponent’s ball outside the circle. The player whose ball gets kicked outside the marked circular area retrieves the ball but this time he dribbles around the circle until other players’ balls get kicked outside. This trend continues until only one player remains within the marked region. The coach should ensure that the players use their weaker foot and the circle could be enlarged or made smaller.

Soccer Dribbling Drills - Final Man Out


Cones Turnover

Another one of the soccer dribbling drills is when players divide themselves into two groups and ten cones of different colors are positioned randomly around the training ground. The coach should give a one minute instruction whereby the players should dribble the ball and ensure that they are able to turn over the other group’s cones while at the same time going and turning back to their own cones while controlling the ball. The winning team in this drill is the one with the smallest number of upside down cones.

Soccer Dribbling Drills - Cones Turnover


Random Ball Control

In addition to the previous soccer dribbling drills – Cones Turnover, cones can also be placed randomly around the pitch and one player should be able to dribble and control the ball around each cone. The secret to this drill is ensuring that each player involves creative tricks and turns. The distance between the cones should be increased steadily and advice the players to use the best part of the boot while dribbling.


Trick And Turn

Coaches can also place mannequins randomly around the pitch and instruct the players to dribble the ball around and maneuver past the mannequins while incorporating creative skills of turning. This should be done using the player’s weaker foot.


Slalom Poles And Cones

Align cones in one line side by side and on the other side place small poles in a straight line such that players continuously dribble between the cones and the poles. The coach can also do a demonstration to the players before starting this drill.


Forward And Back Drills

Place ten cones is one straight line with spaces between the cones. At the start of the soccer dribbling drills, player should dribble the ball from the first cone to the second cone and dribble back to the first then dribble again to the third cone and back to the second cone. This should be repeated to the tenth cone. Employ use of weaker foot then finish off with the stronger foot.
Perfecting the above mentioned steps in a soccer dribbling drill will enable the soccer player to be a skilled dribbler and be able to own and control while unlocking the opponent’s defense.


Watch the crazy dribbling performed by one of the most talented Brazilian:


Before getting there, however, here’s a good reference for real beginners:

Max, from Ertheo, has also recommended a good reference from their site. Do check it out:


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