Soccer Passing Drills

Soccer passing can be described as the art of kicking the ball to another person whether in game or a drilling session. Soccer passing is one of the building blocks for a soccer game. Passing that ball to your team-mates during a game whether aerial or ground pass makes the game be beautiful and enjoyable to both the player and a fan watching. Passing can either be long-pass or short pass depending on the position of the recipient player. It is therefore important to note that for effective passing in a game one needs to start with a drilling session that will help the player be a master in classic passing of the ball. Soccer passing drills are therefore what any player needs to be a better soccer ball shooter. Let’s now go through this drilling session step by step as you look forward to being the best in this game.

Triangular soccer passing drill

This type of soccer passing drill is one of the best when it comes to the quality of a pass given. Position your players such that one player is at the centre and one player in each corner of the triangle. Let the centre player to start the ball by kicking it to one of the players at the corner of the triangle. The middle player should try and win the ball being played among the players at the three points of the triangle. Note that the players at the corners of the triangle should give a perfect pass to another player at the other corner and any player whose ball gets intercepted by the middle player goes to the centre and exchanges positions with the initial middle player. The coach must emphasize classic passing and control of the ball in this soccer passing drill.

The following should be encouraged during triangular soccer passing drill.

  • The size of the triangle formed by the players should be increased steadily or reduced after each of the players resume the centre role.
  • The coach to encourage the players to use the inside part of their foot to control and pass the ball. This is not only a key requirement in this soccer passing drill but it is also very significant in other soccer drills.
  • The players should always have confidence when in possession of the ball because this drill will help a lot.

It is important to note that the above mentioned soccer passing drill contributes greatly in short passes hence better ball possession which is likely to increase the chances of the team winning any soccer match.

Pass and overlap soccer passing drill

Let your players form a circle such that there is one central player and the rest of the players are positioned around the circle but exactly at its edge. This soccer passing drill derives its name from the kind of passes and overlaps made when executing it. The central player starts this soccer passing drill by kicking the ball to a player directly opposite him but at the edge of the circle. This player should immediately pass the ball to a player on the right or left depending on his preference and start a run towards the player he passes the ball to in order to overlap him. The player being overlapped should pass the ball to the central player as the central player proceeds towards the original position of the overlapping player. As the central player gets to the position of the player who is overlapping, the latter also moves to get to the centre so that this move continues until perfection.

  • It is important to note that high accuracy rate, fast and effective communication among the players is the secret towards effective implementation of this soccer passing drill.

Simple soccer passing drill

Have your players paired into two with one ball in this soccer passing drill. Position them in such a way that they are in a straight line facing each other and opposite one another. Let one player pass the ball to his partner starting off with the weaker foot. The players should not change their position or even shift while passing or receiving the ball. The distance between the players should be increased after every one minute. Remember to use the inside of your foot (very helpful in soccer passing drill) when controlling and passing the ball. Ensure the following:

  • Each player should have one touch of the ball and more touches should be discouraged so that they can get the best out of this soccer passing drill.
  • The passing tempo should increase while maintaining accuracy and position.

Perfecting your soccer passing skills in a soccer passing drill is the stepping stone that a serious player will need to pass through in order to be a major contributor to the team in terms of ball possession, perfect ball passing whether long or short pass within their team members and helping your team emerge victorious in soccer games. Remember that a perfect pass to your teammates will not only make you create more chances of scoring a goal but it can as well make you be one of the best when it comes to creating classic passes in a soccer match. Soccer passing drills should be done in a way which will help all the players from the goalkeeper to the attackers this is because all of the players will have to make a pass in an actual game.



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