Soccer Shooting Drills

Soccer shooting drills are very essential to any soccer player who wants to be a classic finisher and help his team get those goals and emerge winners. While training and sharpening your skills in shooting that ball, it is important to remember why you are shooting. The sole reason of shooting that ball must always be to get a goal. The goalkeeper must not stop your shot no matter the situation. So how does one become a clinical shooter and goal-scorer? For you to get to the answer of this question there are key soccer shooting drills that you must frequently go through.


Combinations Soccer Shooting Drills

Have your players paired into two per group before these soccer shooting drills.

Let them get positioned immediately outside the penalty box.

Have a goalkeeper at the goalpost. Let one of the players in a group position himself such that he can pass the ball to his partner who is approximately 5 meters away.

At the command of the coach, let the player make a pass to his partner so that he can make a shot directed to the goal in one touch.

Limit the number of shots made per group such that every group can have 8 shots, with all the players in a group having a chance of making a shot.

The group with highest number of goals scored emerges the winner at the end of the soccer shooting drills.

Points to note

  • The point of shooting must always remain the same in this combination of soccer shooting drills depending on the age of your players and skills.
  • The coach should discourage wide shots which are off-target and the players should as well be encouraged to develop goal-scoring instincts and comprehend where the goalpost is.


Session Soccer Shooting Drills

Another set of soccer shooting drills which is very common is making all your players line-up in a straight line at the center of the pitch, with one of them positioned few yards outside the 18 yard box.

There should not be a goalkeeper at the post in this set of soccer shooting drills.

Let the first player make a perfect pass to the player standing alone such that he can follow the ball and take a shot, immediately after the ball is stopped and space given to him by the player who is standing outside the penalty box.

All the players should take a shot aimed at the back of the net until all the balls are collected from the goal. In doing this you shall have successfully gone through session soccer shooting drills.

Points to note

  • In session soccer shooting drill the balls should be enough so that they can serve all the players in one set. This helps because the time needed to complete one set is reduced.
  • Just like in other soccer shooting drills, the players should always try to have a high accuracy rate per shot taken towards goal.
  • There should be a goalkeeper introduced at the goalpost later in this drill.


Free-kick Shooting Drills

This set of shooting drills helps the player learn how to grab the rare chance of creating a goal scoring opportunity.

Have one player as a goalkeeper and let two players position themselves such that they form a defensive wall that prevents the shooter from scoring.

Allow the other players to take one shot each towards the goal from just outside the 18 yard box.

The distance from the goalpost to the ball which is to be kicked from outside the 18 yard box should be determined by the age and the ability of your players to take a shot.

Points to note

  • The shooter should make sure that their eyes are always on the ball and any space left by the defenders should always be used.
  • The players taking shots should try and ensure they get shots on target towards the goal. This is also common with other soccer shooting drills.


Arch Support Soccer Shooting Drills

This set of soccer shooting drills should be in an arch formed inside the 18 yard box using cones and the arch should be wide enough to accommodate two teams of players.

Divide your players into three groups of defenders, attackers and the third team should be a substitute team which must  be outside the 18 yard box ready for a substitution.

One player at a time from the substitution team should be introduced into the 18 yard box to play only if there is a player who has left playing. The defenders who win a ball from the strikers should clear the ball immediately.

Attackers should be encouraged to make shot on target towards the goal aiming to score. There should be teamwork and cooperation in this soccer shooting drill.

Players on the outside of the 18 yard box should be able to join those playing when a player exits the play.



It is always important to remember that the main objective of soccer shooting drills is to help you as a player to be effective when it comes to creating chances that can help your team get that goal. Consistency to train and have a high shot-taking accuracy during soccer shooting drill is what a player should always aim to pocket.


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