Youth Soccer Drills

Youth soccer drills are drills meant for a certain age group of players, who are in a transition stage of becoming adults and fully developed players. These drills prepare the youth to be better soccer players who are ready to attack, goal-keep or defend for their teams in an actual soccer game.


Chip Pass Youth Soccer Drills

Chip pass youth soccer drills are so fun and enjoyable to the participants. On either side of the training ground let the players set up square grids such that one player stands inside the grid on one side and another player on the other grid.

Make two teams 1 and 2 and let them play against each other. Their jerseys should be differently colored for easy identification of the players.

Points are earned in Chip pass youth soccer drills when teammates make a chip in the form of a pass to their team member, who is in a grid on one end of the pitch.

This youth soccer drills set is different from other drills that kids go through, because for a kid it will be a bit complicated to make a chip pass using the front part of their foot.

For adults this chip drill is easily achievable hence it can be employed when drilling adults as well. The coach should encourage success of every chip pass made by his players.


Aerial Pass Youth Soccer Drills

Aerial pass youth soccer drills are a combination of shooting drills and passing drills. It is done inside the 18 yard box of a standard soccer pitch.

Divide your players into three teams and label them 1, 2 and 3. Let team 1 be on one corner of the 18 yard box, but close to goal line. Supply this team with as many balls as possible.

Team 2 should be on the other end of the 18 yard box and directly opposite team 1.

Team 3 should be positioned just outside the 18 yard box directly opposite the goalpost and facing the goalkeeper. Remember that in this drill there must be a goalkeeper.

Team 1 starts the drill by having one of their players making an aerial pass, which is slightly above the ground to the front player in team 2.

The pass should be stopped and controlled well by team 2 player, before passing a ground pass to a player in team 3.

Upon receiving the ball, the player in team 3 should try and make a shot on target towards the goal. The coach should emphasize a high level of successful goalscoring.

This youth soccer drills set is not suitable for kids because of its level of intensity. Adults can go through this kind of drills because it is easily executable for them.


Handball Pass Youth Soccer Drills

This set of youth soccer drills is a bit different from other normal drills that any upcoming soccer player is expected to undergo. So how different is it and why?

This drill is different compared to the normal drills because it involves use of hand in passing the soccer ball.

The coach should divide the players into equal groups of about five. On one half of the soccer pitch, set up two goalposts on either side of the chosen half, and have a goalkeeper on each goalpost.

Start with two teams in this youth soccer drills as though they are playing against each other in a normal soccer match.

This drills kick off by one of the team starting the game, but not from the centre line as a normal soccer game. One player from any of the two teams starts by passing the ball to his teammate by use of hands, while ensuring the pass is accurate and that it ends up with the receiving player.

The receiving player, on getting the ball, should make sure that the ball is controlled using the foot. After controlling the ball appropriately, the receiving player should pick the ball by use of hands and pass it to any of his teammate who also should control the ball on receiving it.

Any player who receives the ball is allowed to make a shot towards goal, only if he was able to successfully control the ball.

The opposing team should as well be able to win the ball and make passes leading to shots. Points are earned when a team scores a goal after successful passing and shooting.

What are some of the secrets behind this youth soccer drill?

  • No player should be allowed to make a pass while running or sprinting.
  • The pass should be by hands only and not by foot.


Ball Control Youth Soccer Drills         

For this youth soccer drills routine, set up a rectangular playing field using cones just within one half of the normal training ground. Place a mobile goal-post on either side of the rectangular playing field formed by cones.

Divide your players into group 1, 2 and 3 forming teams. Let group 1 and 2 play against each other as though it was a normal game, though the number of ball touches per player after receiving a pass in this youth soccer drills is limited to a maximum of two.

Each team earns a point after successfully making two touches and being able to score.

Group 3 players should be used as substitutes the moment a player in either group 1 or 2 makes more than two ball touches. Any player who makes more than two touches of the ball should be substituted immediately by a group 3 player.

  • The coach should be very careful and be able to count ball touches made by players.
  • The coach in this youth soccer drills should encourage the players to confidently control the ball and make a perfect pass.

This drills routine can be used when drilling adults as well because it is all about ball control and passing.

For kids it is not important due to priorities set out by kids soccer drills, which we will discuss in another section.


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